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Our Values


We’re passionate about our products, our people and our future.


In all we do, we do with excellence.


Striving everyday to innovate tomorrow’s solutions.


With solid ethics we embrace honesty and respect.


Personal growth is the precursor for a great environment.

Our History




From humble beginnings, the inception of Aulick Chemical Solutions began on March 16th, 1999. As “Aulick Cleaning Supplies”, company founder and President Timothy Aulick, along with wife and co-founder Dawayna, began blending cleaning supplies with a canoe oar from a barn on the family farm in Cynthiana, KY.
While industry leading solutions such as Nitra-Nox and Clarus were still a decade away from development, Tim continued building the foundation of the company on car wash soap ‘Sud Clean’ and solvent ‘ProSolv’, delivering pails and drums out of a pick up truck to local industry, car wash, and auto detailing businesses in Central KY.


Aulick Chemical Solutions, Inc.

Regular deliveries of reliable cleaning solutions were the norm and articles of incorporation were soon filed. In June of 2000, Aulick Chemical Solutions, Inc. was formed under the laws of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.
In 2001, Aulick purchased the building in Nicholasville, KY that would go on to serve as company headquarters through to the present day.



"Your Problem, Our Solution"

Nitra-Nox Launches

By 2005, the course of the company had shifted. With the development of Nitra-Nox, hydrogen sulfide odor and corrosion control became the focus as Aulick also witnessed the birth of its in-house Chemical Feed System division.
Aulick didn’t set out to create a Nitra-Nox or intend to develop a large catalog of chemical solutions. During this successful growth period, Aulick simply chased problems by following the odor, corrosion, and wastewater.
Initially, in both the private and public sectors, Aulick approached these issues with trepidation. However, through patience, consistency, relationship building, and listening, we found our strength in the “Your Problem, Our Solution” belief.

growth through

Fleet Expansion

In the mid-2000s, Aulick also announced expansion through the purchase and operation of straight tankers and tractor trailer tankers for bulk chemical delivery. These early relationships with Utilities would become the pillars that would continue to define Aulick Chemical Solutions for the next two decades.

Now through to the present day, Aulick continues to expand fleet with state of the art vehicles designed in house to meet the specific needs of our growing customer base. 



Expanding into

Water Treatment Technology

Expansion, growth and further development – by 2010-11, Aulick began manufacturing NSF approved phosphates for drinking water treatment. The Verus line of blended phosphates are customizable to control corrosion, sequester, and clean the water distribution line. 

United States


Aulick’s NSF certified water treatment technology, Clarus, received a U.S. Patent in July of 2018.
This patent solidified Aulick’s efforts to partner with utilities in producing clean and safe drinking water.



solutions for a

Cleaner Water Environment

Aulick continues to develop chemistry for a cleaner water environment. Now supporting municipalities and private industry in over 26 States, our pillars still rest on our people, partnerships, passion for problem solving, and relationships built through the years.

Aulick - A CITCO Water Company

Solutions driven. Commitment given.

CITCO Water and Aulick have partnered to create synergies in clean water by forming the most robust Chemical Solutions offering in the region with an impressive team of experts, complete range of innovative products, and knowledgeable sales team to help you with all your chemical needs.

For more than nine decades CITCO Water has been serving the water and wastewater industries with the goal of offering customers everything needed to “take water from the source, deliver it to the consumer, and return it back to the source again.” CITCO Water sums up this mission in four simple words: “Solutions driven. Commitment given.”


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