A Pillar of Water Treatment Chemistry: Aulick Blended Phosphates

Designed To Protect Your Community's Drinking Water

In simple terms, a blended polyphosphate prevents lead release through chemistry and addresses common problems such as scale, tuberculation, and biofilm.
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Patented Water Treatment Technology - 10,011,508
Customized Line of Blended Phosphate Technology

Protect Your Distribution System & Community

Phosphates Protect – In order to inhibit corrosion in metal pipes of the water distribution network, the pipes need protected and stabilized. When scale flakes off the pipe, a lead or copper contamination source is created. 

Additionally, scale, tuberculation, and biofilm must be removed in many water systems.

Orthophosphate will apply a protective coating (as shown in the photo below) to passivate the metal surface. New piping also requires treatment to inhibit the onset of corrosion. PVC pipes do not corrode, however, this process does foster the growth of biofilm.

The proper phosphate blend will prevent biofilm formation and remove excess tuberculation and scale that causes an increase in chlorine demand in the distribution system. 

Water Pipes With And Without Corrosion Control

Photo: Rebecca Williams / Michigan Radio

How Aulick – A CITCO Water Company Can Help Protect Your Customers

Aulick Custom Blended Phosphates– Care was taken during the development of the Verus line regarding its versatility with respect to pH. This is due to variation in pH of water during processing and independent of pH in different locations in the processing plant.

Verus Blended Phosphates are fully functional within the regulatory pH limits of 6.0 and 9.0.

Aulick is committed to supporting water systems and developing new technology for drinking water quality from the water treatment facility to the tap.

While developing our customized phosphate line Aulick’s focus was on:

  • Corrosion Control
  • Cleaning
  • Sequestration

To receive certification, Aulick passed a stringent evaluation. Additionally, to maintain continued quality of Clarus and Verus, Aulick has agreed to the NSF
certification requirements, which include rigorous testing to recognized standards, unannounced manufacturing facility audits and periodic retesting to verify continued conformance to the standards. See our official online certification listing here

Aulick – A CITCO Water Company is an industry leader providing custom solutions to clean water. Whether in the public utility sector with water and wastewater treatment systems or in private industry with production and manufacturing facilities, Aulick has the experience and geographical reach to design and implement custom solutions specific to your application.

We’re willing to go the extra mile to provide our customers everything needed to take water from the source, deliver it to the consumer, and return it back to the source.

We sum up this mission in four simple words: Solutions driven. Commitment given.

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