Activated Carbon Specs

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Aulick’s activated carbon is ANSI/NSF 61 certified
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Macroporous, Wood-Based Activated Carbon for Water Treatment

Long has activated carbon been used in municipal drinking water treatment to adsorb organic compounds, taste and odor compounds, and synthetic organic chemicals. Aulick’s activated carbon is a high activity powdered activated carbon for use in a variety of liquid phase applications. 

The manufacturing process develops an extremely high pore volume and internal surface area, which permits the adsorption of both medium to high molecular weight compounds and micro pollutants.

Activated Carbon Features, Benefits, and Specifications:

  • rapid adsorption kinetics
  • very high activity adsorbent
  • excellent taste and odor removal
  • high organic matter adsorption
  • carefully controlled particle size
  • compliant with AWWA B600 standard


Iodine adsorptionmin. 950 mg/g
Total ash contentmax. 15%
Moisture contentmax. 5%
Apparent density, tapped0.2 – 0.75g/cc
Water solublesmax. 3%
Surface area1000 m2/g
Tannin value250 mg/l

Application Knowledge:

The supply of Aulick’s activated carbon is supported by our industry-leading technical consultants. Our in-house expertise extends over years of practical experience in the design of activated carbon in a variety of applications. Aulick will assist in the design, specification and method of use of our activated carbon to achieve the optimal treatment desired.


  • 33 lb hand sack
  • 660 lb super sack
  • bulk

Available Particle Sizes:

<100 mesh>99%
<200 mesh>95%
<325 mesh>90%

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