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For Corrosion Control And Cleaning of the Water Distribution Line
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Patented Water Treatment Technology - 10,011,508
Customized Line of Blended Phosphate Technology

In order to inhibit corrosion in metal pipes of the water distribution network, the pipes need cleaned. Scale, tuberculation, and biofilm must be removed.

Once clean, the phosphate will apply a protective coating to passivate the metal surface. New piping also requires treatment to inhibit the onset of corrosion. PVC pipes do not corrode, however, this process does foster the growth of biofilm. The proper phosphate blend will prevent biofilm formation that causes an increase in chlorine demand in the distribution system. 

Care was taken during the development of all Verus solutions regarding its versatility with respect to pH. This is due to variation in pH of water during processing and independent of pH in different locations in the processing plant.

Verus Blended Phosphates are fully functional within the regulatory pH limits of 6.0 and 9.0.

Supporting Water Systems in the United States

Aulick is committed to supporting water systems and developing new technology for drinking water quality from the water treatment facility to the tap.

While developing our customized phosphate line Aulick’s focus was on:

  • Corrosion Control
  • Cleaning
  • Sequestration

‘Less Space, Less Waste’ – Eco-Friendly Packaging For Dry Phosphate Solutions Arrive Summer, 2022

From manufacturing to packaging and delivery, Aulick is committed to environmentally and fiscally conscious means when it comes to our chemical solutions. This oversight allows us to deliver ‘on time and as promised’ and also pass along cost-savings to our customers.

Implemented as a cost-savings and eco-friendly initiative, Aulick will now be shipping all dry phosphates in boxes. Replacing the 50lb. pail, these user friendly boxes, complete with pre cut handles, will house Verus and Clarus Dry in a 4 mil liner bag that will be sealed in the heavy duty double wall box. The strength of the box will allow for stacking on Clarus and Verus Dry pallet orders.

An Aulick Quality Seal with NSF Certification will also accompany the box shipments illustrating our quality assurance in manufacturing and all applicable safety measures. 

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