Aulick Provides Jar Testing Report In Industrial Wastewater Solid-Liquid Separation

Tennessee Food Processing Wastewater Clarification Post Anaerobic Digestion DAF

Aulick personnel conducted jar tests on raw water samples to compare AulFlocc polymer to customer’s current supplier.
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An Aulick industrial food processing customer in Tennessee provided a raw water sample for the jar testing. The customer’s current polymer, AulFlocc C-6610, C-6658, C-6670, C-6957, C-6949, and C-6968 were all made down to a 5% solution in 1000 ml samples for the jar testing.

1 (current)200Not scoredOnly used to evaluate baseline
2 (current)853
3 (AulFlocc C-6610)851
4 (AulFlocc C-6658)852

Jar:ppm:Flocc Speed:Flocc Size:Clarity:
5 (AulFlocc C-6670)8522Tie
6 (AulFlocc C-6957)8533Tie
7 (AulFlocc C-6949)85111
8 (AulFlocc C-6968)8544Tie
Jars 5, 6, and 8: no noticeable difference in clarity.

Jar:ppm:Flocc Size:Clarity:Shear 30 Second:
9 (Current)85444
10 (AulFlocc C-6610)85212
11 (AulFlocc C-6658)85121
12 (AulFlocc C-6690)85333
Photo was taken after significant shearing test.

Jar:ppm:Flocc Size:Clarity:
13 (Current)852
14 (AulFlocc C-6658)42.51

Jar:ppm:Flocc Size:Clarity:
15 (Current)8522
16 (AulFlocc C-6658)8511

Jar:ppm:Flocc Speed:Flocc Size:Clarity:
17 (Current)85333
18 (AulFlocc C-6658)85111
19 (AulFlocc C-6610)85222


Based on the overwhelmingly positive jar testing results presented, Aulick recommended to this customer a formal trial of AulFlocc C-6610 and C-6658. The trial will consist of 1 tote of each polymer to evaluate real word results for approximately 5 days of operation.

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