Aulick’s PM Program

Preventive Maintenance

Highlighting Aulick’s Chemical Feed System Division
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More than a municipal and industrial specialty chemical provider, Aulick also excels at the construction, installation, and upkeep of custom chemical feed systems.

Designed for the unique needs of each wastewater collection system or to meet detailed engineer specifications, our Chemical Feed Systems division, through our dedicated technicians, offer regular preventive maintenance on all Aulick supplied or owned chemical feed systems. This service includes multi and single-site installations.

Benefits of Aulick’s PM Program include:

  • replacement of all wearable parts by experienced Systems Technicians
  • regular and scheduled maintenance and check ups at key feed sites in your collection system so your normal day to day operations don’t incur downtime
  • complete management and reporting of collection system hydrogen sulfide liquid and gas testing by OdaLog/Acrulog
  • maintaining of optimal performance of chemical feed year round to avoid community and residential odor complaints
  • hydrogen sulfide prevention through accurate chemical feed reduces the risk of corrosion to city and utility infrastructure.

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