Flushing Observations Post Verus Feed

Distribution Flushing Observations From A Middle Tennessee Utility

A 12 MGD Water System Began Feeding Verus 3070 In July of 2021 @ 1.6-1.7 PPM Total Phosphate
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Here’s What They Saw:
1. Reduced Flushing Times over 52 monthly flushing sites. Before feeding Verus, flushing would take all month. Post Verus feed, this Utility can flush their entire system in 2 weeks, freeing up the remainder of the month for personnel to attend to other responsibilities. They also cut water usage by approximately 40,000 to 50,000 gallons per month.
2. Better Chlorine Residuals – prior to Verus feed, 15 minutes were required at each site to get acceptable CL2 residual. Post Verus feed, standard flushing time is 5 minutes with better CL2 residual. A low usage dead end line used to take 45 minutes to get 1.4 CL2. Now, a standard 20-minute flush results in 1.6 CL2Before And After Distribution Samples – before = 1.2 CL2, after 1.8 CL2
3. Clear Dead End Lines – prior to Verus feed, time required to clear a line was 3-4 minutes. Post Verus, time required is only a few seconds.Another low usage dead end line had multiple brown water complaints to the point the homeowner called the state. This Utility would flush regularly and verified that colored water was present in the main and would take several minutes to clear. Now they have reduced flushing to once a month and only a few seconds for barrel to clear up. Overall complaints have reduced by 75% and are typically now only due to line breaks.

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