Hitting Both Sides: Corrosion Control in Water & Wastewater Treatment

Hydrogen Sulfide Prevention & Corrosion Inhibitors

A look at both sides of the treatment process
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Patented Water Treatment Technology - 10,011,508
Odor Control for Hydrogen Sulfide Prevention
Hydrogen Sulfide Removal
Customized Line of Blended Phosphate Technology

Accepted Norms:

  1. Untreated hydrogen sulfide in a wastewater collection system can cause serious odor issues resulting in complaints from the public. In recent years, however, corrosion has surpassed odor as the leading constituent in untreated hydrogen sulfide. The collection system isn’t the only entity that can fall ill to the dangers of hydrogen sulfide production. The WWTP can also succumb to the negative effects of H2S corrosion in the following areas:
  • sludge thickeners and dewatering equipment
  • electronic controls
  • carbon steel
  • influent infrastructure
  • flow meters
  • bar screen electronics
  • pipelines

2. In the water distribution line, corrosion occurs when metals oxidize with oxygen-rich water. This results in metal oxides that precipitate out at the tap. The corrosion issues in drinking water lines can be detrimental to the health of customers and negatively impact the overall quality (taste, smell, aesthetic) of finished water. Furthermore, older water systems with lead pipes must be analyzed in order to avoid elevated lead concentrations and to meet the requirements of the EPA’s lead (and copper) rule.  

Corrosion Control Solutions – Water & Wastewater


Blended Phosphates

  • Applies protective coating to passivate metal surface
  • Improves water quality by binding of calcium and magnesium cations (softens water)
  • Ortho/poly ratio blends: 25/75, 30/70, 50/50, 70/30


Odor/Corrosion Control for Hydrogen Sulfide Prevention

  • Preventive chemistry
  • Tested/proven and cost effective
  • Custom built application feed systems
  • Acts as alternative oxygen source to sulfates


Patented Phosphate Technology

  • Corrosion control – cleans water line by removing scale and biofilm
  • Increased temp and pH stability
  • U.S. Patent 10,011,508


H2S Corrosion Control

  • Eliminates existing hydrogen sulfide
  • Produces non-odorous and non-corrosive sulfonated compound
  • Prevents corrosion to Utility infrastructure

Understanding Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Formation In The Collection System

The Aulick Approach

To Customer Service And Chemical Application In Water & Wastewater Treatment

Aulick Chemical Solutions is a regional leader in manufacturing chemicals for use in the water and wastewater treatment industry. 

Our specialties include:

  • Collection system odor/corrosion control and hydrogen sulfide prevention
  • Bulk chemical delivery
  • WWTP solutions including biological complexes, polymers, and belt press cleaner
  • Custom chemical feed systems and odor control equipment
  • Drinking water technology and iron and manganese control – NSF Certified

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