Hydrogen Sulfide And Summer Heat

Prepare for summer odor increases now

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While airborne odors from the wastewater treatment plant can reach the community, hot summer temps are more likely to cause community odor complaints outside of your plant at lift stations and manholes

Although it’s considered conventional wisdom that odors increase at WWTPs and in the collection system during the summer, the reason for the increase is due in large part to increased volatility and an increase of anaerobic bacterial activity (anaerobic activity is extremely odorous due to reduced sulfides).

Additionally, oxygen is less soluble at higher temperatures which leads to the aforementioned anaerobic conditions. 

Simply put (in wastewater): heat = less soluble oxygen = anaerobic conditions = increased odor due to reduced sulfides. 

Continue reading for a look at two Aulick solutions tested and proven to eliminate hydrogen sulfide or mitigate manhole odor. 

“Heat = less soluble oxygen = anaerobic conditions = increased odor due to reduced sulfides.”

The Jackpot is a stainless steel device designed to remove odor in the form of hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans, and organic odors that emanate from sewer manholes.

The unit utilizes Aulick’s activated-carbon media cartridge designed to fight distinct odor control scenarios and is placed directly into the sewer conveyance via the manhole.

Microorganisms in the filter carbon media remove odorous compounds preventing odor from escaping manhole vents.

Sul-Fight is proven in harsh environments where hydrogen sulfide already exists. It will remove hydrogen sulfide in force mains where the retention time exceeds three to five days.

When Sul-Fight comes in contact with hydrogen sulfide and other sulfurous compounds, the negative ion on the sulfur bonds with one of the positive ions on the Sul-Fight. This reaction produces a non-odorous and non-corrosive sulfonated compound.

The reaction is instantaneous and irreversible at ambient temperatures. Unlike metal ions, the Sul-Fight compound is water soluble and does not precipitate out in lift stations, force mains or gravity sewer lines.

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