Introducing Motus iDS

Intelligent Dosing System

The Next Level of Odor Control Technology
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Odor Control for Hydrogen Sulfide Prevention
Hydrogen Sulfide Removal

Designed for precision odor control and hydrogen sulfide prevention, Motus iDS intelligently adjusts odor control feed rate based on wastewater flow, rain event, and organic compound changes. 

Take complete control of your municipal collection system odor control feed, Motus iDS features:

  • no unneeded chemical feed
  • tank link remote tank level monitoring technology
  • password protected HMI display with tank level and dosing amount display
  • automatic dosing adjusts with inflow and infiltration

Motus iDS works in conjunction with Aulick’s flagship odor control chemical solution, Nitra-Nox.

Nitra-Nox is an industry-leading preventive chemistry tested and proven in collection system odor control and industrial wastewater treatment for over a decade.

Designed to halt the production of hydrogen sulfide, Nitra-Nox works as an alternative oxygen source to the anaerobic bacteria in municipal collection system wastewater.

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