Introducing Sul-Fight FX

Next Gen Odor Control

Effective In Challenging Wastewater Environments Where Hydrogen Sulfide And Sulfates Exist
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Eliminate Existing Hydrogen Sulfide

Utilities, Industrial Manufacturing, and Production Facilities can all encounter the same problem: hydrogen sulfide.

What strategy works to remove it?

  • Scrub the air and capture it
  • Add an oxidizer and change it
  • Close it off and hide it
  • Increase the pH and keep it in solution
  • Add metals to build a new compound

Can each strategy work? Yes, but have they viewed the whole cycle?

Accepted norms in wastewater treatment systems and industry:

  1. Hydrogen sulfide exists
  2. It can be removed
  3. It can be prevented

The normal approach has been to focus on the hydrogen sulfide instead of looking at the existence of hydrogen sulfide and sulfates together. 

Economic Growth, New Neighborhoods, and the Ever Expanding Municipal Collection System

As new developments continue to rise, so too does the need for wastewater treatment and the removal of hydrogen sulfide odor and corrosion.

Sul-Fight FX was designed to treat hydrogen sulfide odor and corrosion issues in wastewater collection systems. As other chemistries focus on treating hydrogen sulfide, Aulick understands as collection systems expand and new ‘low pressure’ force main technologies increase the anaerobic environment of the wastewater, hydrogen sulfide problems continue to rise.

Sul-Fight FX works in difficult treatment environments where hydrogen sulfide and sulfates exist. Aulick’s focus when designing Sul-Fight FX was to ensure that there is no ill effect on the wastewater treatment process.

Sul-Fight FX is a proprietary blend of iron and nitrates. This gives Sul-Fight FX the unique ability to react in 2 specific ways.

  1. It first reacts immediately with existing hydrogen sulfide producing a non-odorous byproduct. This is where technology of old stopped. As our research has proven, the conversion to hydrogen sulfide is not immediate but continuous.
  2. The reaction that occurs is a preventive action of offering an oxygen compound with lesser bond strength than the S-O bond in sulfates. The anaerobic bacteria will select the most available oxygen source.

Sul-Fight FX Feed Locations

  • municipal manholes
  • collection system lift stations
  • sludge holding tanks
  • belt filter press
  • collection headworks
  • air scrubbers

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