Looking For A Versatile Oxidant?

Hydrogen Peroxide in Wastewater Treatment

Used in myriad wastewater treatment applications, hydrogen peroxide is a powerful and effective oxidizer.
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A Versatile Oxidant

Hydrogen Peroxide is a powerful oxidizer used in a broad range of municipal wastewater treatment and odor/corrosion control applications, and also as a disinfectant. 

  • As a corrosion control agent –  reacts with sulfur compounds such as sulfites and sulfides (all contribute to corrosive acids that can be harmful to utility plant infrastructure, concrete, and industrial electrical equipment).
  • As a versatile oxidant – by adjusting the conditions in which it’s applied (pH, temperature, dose, reaction time) hydrogen peroxide can treat one substance over another.
  • As an odor control agent – oxidizes hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans and can be added directly to waste streams where hydrogen sulfide is present or used as a preventative solution.

Technical Specifications

Features and Benefits

  • Excess hydrogen peroxide decomposes into oxygen and water
  • Better, more effective alternative to chlorine and cost-effective
  • Reduces BOD/COD of industrial wastewater
  • Enhanced physical separation of FOG
  • No harmful by-products introduced into the waste stream
  • Increases dissolved oxygen level of wastewater

Safe, Reliable Delivery

Aulick takes all precautions in the bulk delivery and offloading of hydrogen peroxide. Additionally, our team excels in industry-specific application knowledge based upon your site’s unique needs.

Benefits to Aulick’s service-oriented approach to hydrogen peroxide delivery and application:

  • Extensive application/handling knowledge
  • In-house, engineered-chemical feed systems (photo below)
  • Delivery by Aulick-owned fleet from certified/licensed HAZMAT drivers
  • Mini-bulk and specific application storage options
  • 24-48 hour delivery capabilities to most customers

Aulick’s Hydrogen Peroxide Chemical Feed System – Engineered In-House

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