Odor Control Systems To Complement Our Chemistry – Field Installation

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Custom Aulick Solutions For Your Odor Control Application
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Whether you’re a collection system manager looking to eliminate community odor complaints or a professional engineer overseeing a new lift station construction project, Aulick has the experience to deliver reliable odor control solutions specific to your needs.

The Aulick approach includes:

  • Relationship building
  • Trial and testing
  • Deliverables ‘on time and as promised’
  • Professional bulk chemical handling and delivery

Odor Control Systems To Complement Our Chemistry

(Above) – Aulick’s Fiberglass Chemical Feed System (FG 4200) – field installation at an industrial park lift station. 

  • Optional maintenance by Aulick Systems Technicians
  • Withstands high feed rate and high pressure applications
  • Calibration column: 500 ml/8.0 GHP max for feed rate calibration
  • Electrical requirement: 120 VAC / 1 PE / 60 HZ

(Above) – Aulick’s Fiberglass Double Wall Chemical Feed System (FG DW 1500) – field installation at a lift station.

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