The Aulick Approach

Proven Framework Drives Reliable Solutions

Our 4-tier approach to hydrogen sulfide odor/corrosion control, and water and wastewater treatment is more than our chemistry.
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  1. Site Visit – An Aulick Treatment Consultant arrives on-site to understand your specific wastewater treatment or odor control application. Once understood, Aulick works hard to build trust by partnering with you to develop a custom solution.

2. Trial and Testing – Aulick Treatment Consultants perform a variety of field tests to determine a solution for your unique scenario. Tests include:

  • detailed jar-testing for the right polymer in solid-liquid separation scenarios
  • hydrogen sulfide gas and liquid testing to determine odor source origin in the collection system.
  • nitrate residual testing

After test results are presented, Aulick conducts a trial to prove recommended chemistry is successful.

3. Installation and Execution – After chemical solution determination and successful trial, the Aulick Team executes permanent chemical feed system setup and installation and sets final feed rates. 

From total turn key odor control programs to wastewater treatment for release back into the environment, Aulick understands variables.

4. Relationship Management – Aulick Treatment Consultants provide on-going support through technical backing, chemical inventory management, delivery and logistic oversight, continued testing and reporting (weekly or monthly formal reports) and preventive maintenance on Aulick Chemical Feed Systems.

With our Aulick-owned fleet of versatile vehicles, we’re able to provide reliable chemical delivery to your treatment plant or collection system on time and as promised.  

Let's discuss your chemical needs.