At Aulick, our passion for problem solving drives our team of dedicated treatment consultants. With a focus on customer-centric relationship building, we continue to develop treatment solutions for a cleaner water environment.  

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Municipal Odor/Corrosion Control

prevent hydrogen sulfide formation

Aulick has decades of experience locating the source of your municipal collection system odor and corrosion. We then take a preventive approach to hydrogen sulfide to reduce corrosion to infrastructure and eliminate odor complaints. 

At Aulick, our expertise lies in the following when it comes to total turnkey odor control:

  • Reliable and Professional Bulk Chemical Delivery by Aulick-Owned Fleet
  • Custom-Built Odor Control Chemical Feed Systems
  • Hydrogen Sulfide Origin Location
  • On-Going Hydrogen Sulfide Testing and Reporting
  • Nitra-Nox Chemical Inventory Management
  • Collection System Mapping to Provide Strategic and Accurate Feed Locations
  • Hydrogen Sulfide Odor/Corrosion Prevention Programs Based On Your Specific Application

Water Treatment Technology


Aulick is recognized by NSF International as complying with NSF/ANSI 60 and all applicable requirements. Our water treatment solutions bear this recognition as we’re committed to providing quality chemical solutions to enhance drinking water treatment:

  • U.S. Patented Phosphate Technology
  • Activated Carbon
  • Disinfection By-Product Solutions
  • Coagulants
  • Lead and Copper Corrosion Inhibitors
  • Iron and Manganese Control

Wastewater Treatment Solutions

specializing in solid-liquid separation and WASTEWATER PLANT TREATMENT SOLUTIONS

Aulick excels in on-site testing and trialing to determine the right chemical solution and dosage for your specific municipal wastewater treatment application. 

At Aulick, we provide effective treatment solutions for any application in municipal wastewater treatment including: 

  • Coagulants/Flocculants
  • Custom Chemical Feed Systems
  • Biological Complexes
  • Belt Press Cleaner
  • Force Main Stripper
  • Phosphorus Removal
  • Lift Station Degreaser
  • Wastewater/Fats, Oils, and Grease Matting Elimination

Industrial Solutions

Take control of your facility cleaning, pretreatment, and solid-liquid separation

Aulick has supplied a diverse portfolio of chemical solutions to private industry for over 21 years with products supporting the rendering industry, automobile industry, and in industrial wastewater treatment. 

Our facility cleaning and degreasing solutions were designed with careful consideration and will not introduce hazardous materials into your manufacturing processes or wastewater stream. At Aulick, we design our industrial chemical solutions to promote a healthier and cleaner wastewater treatment process environment. 

Industrial solutions include:

  • Raw Water/Wastewater Metals Removal
  • Booth Coatings
  • Industrial Strength Cleaners and Degreasers
  • Wastewater Coagulants/Flocculants
  • E-Coat and Paint Strip