225 Force Main Stripper

Remove Force Main Build-Up of Grease and Bacterial Slime

Designed to Quickly Strip Force Main Walls of Grease and Bacterial Slime Leaving Behind Perfectly Cleaned Pipes

Force Main Stripper

primary market(s):
  • Wastewater Treatment Solutions
available in:
Drum, Pail
common applications:
Collection System

Sewer Force Mains

Wet Well
Build-up of grease and bacterial slime in sewer force mains can result in a decrease of wastewater flow and an increase in anaerobic bacterial growth. 225 Force Main Stripper was designed to strip the walls of the force main quickly and efficiently leaving behind cleaned pipes and mitigating the release of hydrogen sulfide gas.

In wastewater, there have always been problems with build up in force mains. This build up can be anything from grease to bacterial slime growth and can cause major problems for the system. Air release valves clog and pressure build up will result in decrease of wastewater flow. Build up in force mains will also increase anaerobic bacteria growth. Anaerobic bacteria live behind the slime layer in force mains and feed on the sulfates in wastewater. This results in the release of the corrosive and harmful gas hydrogen sulfide.

225 Force Main Stripper is a super concentrated solution designed to be added directly into the lift station and pumped into the force main during normal operation. 225 Force Main Stripper strips the walls of the force main immediately leaving behind perfectly cleaned pipes.

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