Activated Carbon

Superior powdered activated carbon used in various water treatment applications

Excellent Adsorption Capacity with Outstanding Performance on Disinfection By-Product Precursors

Macroporous, Wood-Based Activated Carbon for Water Treatment

primary market(s):
  • Water Treatment Technology
available in:
Bulk, Supersack, Multiwall Bag (Handbag)
common applications:
Water Plants
Aulick’s Activated Carbon is manufactured from a sustainable raw material and has a number of distinctive features. The manufacturing process develops an extremely high pore volume and internal surface area, which permits the adsorption of both medium to high molecular weight compounds (including organic matter, humic acids and colors) and micro pollutants.

Aulick’s line of Activated Carbons are premium wood based carbons used for treatment and purification of potable water. They provide excellent taste, odor, and TOC removal capabilities, ensuring cleaner and better tasting water. The superior methylisoborneol (MIB) and Geosmin reduction performance ensures greater flexibility and performance in a wide range of raw waters.

Our Activated Carbons are widely used to reduce TOC’s thus reducing levels of disinfection by-products in chlorinated distribution systems. They are also proven in the removal of synthetic organics, like the herbicide, atrazine. Our Activated Carbons are a cost-effective product for the production of quality water, allowing the use of a lower carbon dose. The particle size and lower density provide excellent water contact and suspendability, while minimizing any carry-over to the filters.

The broad range of pore sizes allows for more rapid adsorption, critical in applications where contact time before settling is limited. Our Activated Carbons meet ANSI/AWWA B 600-05, and are Certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 61.

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