AulBac 400C

Biological Complex

Cold Water Temperature Adapted Cultures

Patented Technology

primary market(s):
  • Wastewater Treatment Solutions
available in:
Drum, Pail
common applications:
Food Processing

Rendering Plants

Wastewater Treatment Plants
AulBac 400C is a powdered blend of naturally occurring, non-altered, patented psychrophilic microorganisms (cold water adapted) and growth stimulants formulated to efficiently degrade carbohydrates, proteins and fats, oils and grease (F.O.G.). The bacteria in AulBac 400C produce multiple types of enzymes such as Protease, Amylase, Esterase, Urease, Cellulase, Xylanase, and Lipase to break down waste products associated with meat processing, dairies, brewing and distilling operations, vegetable & fruit processing and carbohydrate processing facilities. AulBac 400C contains aerobic as well as facultative bacteria to work in anoxic conditions. Use of AulBac 400C will increase biological activity, improve biomass flocculation and enhance nitrogen and phosphorous removal at wastewater temperatures below 59°F (15°C).

Do not use where high levels of toxic metals are present. AulBac 400C may be added directly to aeration tank, lagoon, or oxidation ditch. For trickling filters, it’s best to pre-hydrate product by adding 2 lbs. per 1.0 gallon of 20° – 30ºC non-chlorinated water. Allow solution to stand for 30 – 60 minutes before adding to trickling filter.


  • Food processing
  • Beverage industry
  • Rendering plants
  • Breweries
  • Fruit and vegetable processing
  • Wastewater treatment plants

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