Quickly Dissolve Grease Build-Up in Lift Stations

Specially Designed to Dissolve Fats, Oils, and Greases in Municipal Lift Stations

Caustic Powdered Lift Station Degreaser

primary market(s):
  • Wastewater Treatment Solutions
available in:
Drum, Pail
common applications:
Collection System



Lift Stations


Wet Well
CC-62 is a non-foaming, powdered lift station degreaser used to dissolve fats, oils, and grease (FOG) build-up in municipal wet wells. It instantly dissolves grease build-up when moisture in the lift stations activates the CC-62.

For your protection, wear safety glasses, rubber gloves, and proper safety protection attire when using CC-62. CC-62 is considered corrosive material. Please take all precautions and use recommendations on the Safety Data Sheet. Cascade CC-62 onto grease build up in the lift station. For heavier build up, apply a thin layer over the grease. Allow product to work and reapply in two days. Note: Do not use on steel, aluminum, tin, magnesium, or painted surfaces (unless stripping is desired).

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