Water Treatment Technology Designed for Corrosion Control and Cleaning of the Water Distribution Line

Corrosion Control Solution Designed to Remove Scale, Tuberculation, and Biofilm from the Water Distribution Line While Providing Iron and Manganese Control

Patented Water Treatment Technology - 10,011,508

primary market(s):
  • Water Treatment Technology
available in:
Bulk, Drum, Tote
common applications:
Water Distribution Lines
Clarus will control corrosion and clean the water distribution line by removing scale, tuberculation, and biofilm. During the development of Clarus, a focus was placed on the sequestration of heavy and soft metals such as iron, manganese, calcium, and magnesium. Clarus will maintain complete solubility of removed material to maximize effectiveness.

Technical Specifications:

  • Appearance – Clarus – Clear Liquid, Clarus Dry – White Powder
  • Odor – None
  • Specific Gravity (Clarus Liquid) – 1.30 Minimum
  • Product Concentration – Clarus Liquid = 100% by Weight, Clarus Dry = 35% by Weight
  • pH of 1% Solution – 5.07
  • pH Operating Range – 4.6 – 9
  • Solvency in Water – Infinite
  • Certification – NSF, Standard 60, Approved
  • Temperature Stability Range – -25°F to Above 250°F
  • Scale/Corrosion Removal Range – Varies with Feed Rate

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