Powerful Floor and Surface Cleaner for Industrial Applications

Biodegradable, Foaming Degreaser Designed to Clean Heavily Marked Floors

Floor Cleaner/Degreaser

primary market(s):
  • Industrial Solutions
available in:
Drum, Pail
common applications:
Concrete Floors/Surfaces


Metal Surfaces
FC-811 is a foaming degreaser used in industrial cleaning for heavily marked floors. Due to its versatility, FC-811 can also be used to clean grease traps, metals, and other industrial surfaces. Like other Aulick solutions, FC-811 contains a corrosion inhibitor that prevents the product from attacking the surface it cleans.

FC-811 works great in floor scrubbers and can also be used with a mop or spray bottle for touch up work. For manual washing, dilute one part FC-811 to 12 parts water. Spray or brush diluted wash onto painted, non-painted or glass surfaces and rinse with water. Apply generous amount of FC-811 to grease and agitate with water to clean walls and remove grease.

Do not allow FC-811 to dry on surface or freeze. Take precautions and use recommendations on the Safety Data Sheet.

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