Prevent Hydrogen Sulfide Odor and Corrosion

Non-Hazardous Preventative Chemistry Designed to Halt the Production of Hydrogen Sulfide

Odor Control for Hydrogen Sulfide Prevention

primary market(s):
  • Odor Control
available in:
Bulk, Drum, Tote
common applications:
Automotive Industry

Collection System

Food Processing

Lift Stations

Paper Mills

Rendering Plants
Nitra-Nox is a preventative odor control chemistry designed to halt the production of hydrogen sulfide in wastewater. It prevents corrosion to wastewater treatment systems and equipment while fighting other odors found in wastewater. Nitra-Nox is a non-hazardous solution proven to mitigate hydrogen sulfide odor and corrosion in the field for over 15 years.

A Leader in the Fight Against Hydrogen Sulfide

Odor/corrosion control and hydrogen sulfide prevention represents one of the biggest problems facing the wastewater treatment industry today. Aulick has combined the chemistry of hydrogen sulfide encapsulation and prevention creating an improved and more effective Nitra-Nox.

Nitra-Nox is a proven solution used to prevent the production of hydrogen sulfide in collection system wastewater. Hydrogen sulfide is produced when the anaerobic bacteria feeds on sulfates. Nitra-Nox provides an alternative oxygen source, preventing the production of hydrogen sulfide. With our latest encapsulation technology, Nitra-Nox can also be fed where hydrogen sulfide is already present. Nitra-Nox will encapsulate the hydrogen sulfide and prevent it from being expressed and enable future production to be prevented.


  • Municipal wastewater collection system
  • Food/poultry processing
  • Paper mill industry
  • Rendering industry
  • Automotive industry


Features and Benefits:

  • Non-hazardous
  • Prevents corrosion to wastewater collection system and equipment
  • Does not affect the pH of wastewater
  • Preventative solution
  • Specialized dosing systems
  • Reduces health threats to utility personnel
  • Reduces BOD

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