Render X

Absorb Wastewater Odors Leaving Behind a Fresh Evergreen Fragrance

Render X uses essential oil chemistry to absorb malodors such as mercaptans, hydrogen sulfide, and ammonia.

Concentrated Wastewater Deodorant

primary market(s):
  • Wastewater Treatment Solutions
available in:
Drum, Tote, Pail
common applications:
Collection System

Lift Stations

Rendering Plants

Wastewater Treatment Plants

Wet Well
Render X is a non-hazardous deodorant designed to absorb odors associated with wastewater treatment and industrial applications. By design, Render X removes odors and releases an evergreen fragrance by utilizing essential oil chemistry to absorb malodors related to hydrogen sulfide.

Render X can be drip fed directly into the wastewater stream with Aulick’s Tank Mount Chemical Feed System or fogged using the BC Fogging System. Render X can be utilized with a spraying device to ensure even coverage and maximum odor neutralizing. When using Render X, it is suggested to wear safety glasses and rubber gloves.

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