Safe-T-Solv Brake Wash

Remove dust, grime, and dirt build-up in brake parts

Solvent-Based Cleaner Effective in Automotive Industry Cleaning. Removes brake parts of oil, grease, dirt, and other soils. STS Brake Wash dries quickly leaving no residue behind.

Parts Washing Fluid

primary market(s):
  • Industrial Solutions
available in:
Drum, Pail
common applications:
Automotive Industry

Brake Parts
Safe-T-Solv Brake Wash was designed to clean brake parts of oil, grease, dirt and soils in the automotive industry. Because it’s a solvent-based cleaner, it dries quickly leaving no residue behind and is stable under normal operating conditions.

Safe-T-Solv is stable under normal conditions and can be used in the toughest and dirtiest automotive repair shops. Consult your sales representative for specific instructions regarding the application of Safe-T-Solv and wear safety glasses and rubber gloves when in use. Take all precautions and use recommendations on the Safety Data Sheet.

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