Eliminate Hydrogen Sulfide Odor and Corrosion Where It's Present

Reaction produces a non-odorous and non-corrosive sulfonated compound.

Hydrogen Sulfide Removal

primary market(s):
  • Odor Control
available in:
Drum, Tote
common applications:
Collection System


Lift Stations

Paper Mills

Rendering Plants

Wet Well
Sul-Fight was designed to eliminate the presence of hydrogen sulfide odor and corrosion in wastewater where it exists. Sul-Fight can also remove hydrogen sulfide in sewer force mains where retention time exceeds three to five days. Fogging Sul-Fight into manholes, lift stations, and air scrubbers has proven effective at removing hydrogen sulfide odor and corrosion.

When Sul-Fight comes into contact with hydrogen sulfide and other sulfurous compounds, the negative ion on the sulfur bonds with one of the positive ions on the Sul-Fight. This reaction produces a non-odorous and non-corrosive sulfonated compound. The reaction is instantaneous and irreversible at ambient temperatures. Unlike metal ions, the Sul-Fight compound is water-soluble and does not precipitate out in lift stations, force mains, or gravity sewer lines.

Sul-Fight is designed for preventing corrosion and removing odors at locations where hydrogen sulfide exists (manholes, lift stations, sludge holding tanks, air scrubbers, and belt press rooms).

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