Jackpot And Jackpot LS

Stainless Steel Odor Control Devices Utilizing Activated Carbon

Your last line of odor control defense at troublesome manholes and lift stations

The End Of Community And Residential Odor Complaints

primary market(s):
  • Odor Control
common applications:
Collection System

Lift Stations

commonly used with:
Macroporous, Wood-Based Activated Carbon for Water Treatment
Durable, Stainless Steel Construction

To withstand harsh wastewater and corrosive environments

Customizable To Fit Most Manholes And Lift Stations

Space also allows for on-going hydrogen sulfide gas testing

Odors Removed By Adsorption/Activated Carbon

No power supply needed and simply installation

Jackpot Devices Available With MCS Advantage Subscription Service

Aulick personnel will monitor and replace activated carbon media cartridges on quarterly basis

The Jackpot is a stainless steel odor control device designed to remove odor in the form of hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans, and organic odors that emanate from sewer manholes. Its counterpart, the Jackpot LS, was designed for installation at lift stations to remove airborne odors associated with wastewater and hydrogen sulfide.
  • Eliminates Sewer and Hydrogen Sulfide Odors Such as Rotten Egg Smell From Municipal Manholes
  • Prevents and Resolves Community and Residential Odor Complaints
  • Stainless Steel Design Outlasts Competition
  • Tested and Proven in the Harshest of Environments
  • Inserted Directly Into the Sewer Conveyance via the Manhole

Jackpot LS:

  • Arrives On-Site Installation Ready
  • Customizable to Fit Most Applications
  • Outlasts Competitors/Tested in Harsh Environments
  • Inserted Directly onto Lift Station
  • Activated Carbon Media Fights Distinct Odor Control Scenarios
  • Microorganisms in the Filter Media Remove Odor by Adsorption
  • Media Cartridge Replaced Through Jackpot MCS Advantage Subscription Service


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