miniBLEND Liquid Polymer Make Down System

The Most Effective Way To Maximize Efficiency Of Neat Polymer

Unit Arrives Piped, Wired, And Factory Tested

The Benchmark For Non-Mechanical Polymer Blending Systems

primary market(s):
  • Industrial Solutions
  • Wastewater Treatment Solutions
common applications:
Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Solid-Liquid Separation

Wastewater Treatment Plants
commonly used with:
Cationic/Anionic Granular and Emulsion Polymers
Cationic Polymer Blend
Clarification Polymer Blend
Skid-Mounted And Pre-Assembled

For Easy Installation And Operation

Reliable And Low Operating Cost

Due to its non-mechanical mixing chamber and 304 stainless-steel frame

Customizable To Fit Specific Solid/Liquid Separation Applications

Choice of diaphragm, peristaltic or remote-mounted neat polymer metering pump

Aulick’s miniBLEND Liquid Polymer Make Down System can be custom designed for individual applications. Neat polymer is extremely viscous due to consisting of many longer chains bound up together. The most effective way to maximize efficiency of neat polymer is to allow these long chains to unwind before use. The proper method of doing this is using a polymer blending make down system. Neat polymer is fed from a bulk polymer tote to a peristaltic pump mounted on the polymer blending system. Pressurized water is then supplied to the polymer blending system. The neat polymer is injected into a water stream and enters a blending chamber to be unwound. The neat polymer feed rate and water feed rate are adjusted to produce a 0.5%-1% make down solution at the discharge of the polymer blending system. This polymer solution is then plumbed to a polymer day tank.
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Manual or automatic pump speed control
  • 304 stainless steel frame and mixing chamber
  • Explosion-proof Class 1 Div. 1 systems

Water Supply Pressure:

  • Water supply must be able to provide the maximum flow rate at 2.4 bar (35 psig) greater than the pressure at feeder discharge

Maximum Operating Pressure:

  • 6.9 bar (100 psig)


  • 475 mm x 610 x 1016 mm (18 in. x 24 in. x 40 in.)


  • 45 kg (100 lbs)

Power Equipment:

  • 120 VAC, 0.6 kW (5 Amp)

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