ProFlo VDS

Vapor Distribution System Combatting Airborne Odor

Dual Fan, Single Fan, mini, Wall-Mount, and Industrial Perimeter Fencing Options

Airborne Odor Mitigation For Industrial And Municipal Applications

primary market(s):
  • Industrial Solutions
  • Odor Control
common applications:
Collection System

Industrial Fences

Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Kill Plants



Lift Stations

Rendering Plants

Transfer Stations

Wastewater Treatment Plants
commonly used with:
Vapor Odor Absorption Chemistry
No Chemical Fallout

Fogging or misting has a fall out percentage of chemical, vapor does not.

No Wet Mist Or Freezing Issues

ROX-92 will not freeze in cold weather scenarios and will not cause nozzle to clog.

Custom Designed Odor Control System

Based on the specific needs of your industrial or municipal odor control needs.

Available For Purchase Or Rental

Effective odor control all year but also works effectively for seasonal shifts in airborne odor

Odor control is one of the most serious issues facing industrial and municipal personnel today. Aulick believes that most odor control technologies only focus on covering up or masking odors without addressing the odorous compound source. Aulick has worked in the industrial manufacturing and wastewater treatment industry for over 21 years. Based on this extensive industry experience, our Chemical Feed Systems division and staff developed both the ProFlo family of systems and the ROX-92 Vapor Odor Absorption Chemistry feed technology to specifically target odorous compounds that reach the airborne state for industry and municipal needs.
  • Durable Stainless Steel Construction Designed To With Stand Harsh Odor Environments
  • Fiberglass Enclosure With Regenerative Blower
  • Vapor Chamber
  • Available For Rental Or Purchase
  • Utilizes Aulick’s ROX-92 Vapor Technology
  • Chemical Metering Pump
  • Mobile Units Are Easily Transported, Installed, and Maintained
  • Highly Effective Year Round, Seasonal Or For One-Time Event

The ProFlo VDS is an odor control system used for outdoor areas mostly used on perimeter fencing or on concrete containment walls. It can be adapted and sized for each application. The ProFlo VDS uses 2 regenerative blowers and a vapor chamber to distribute vapor charged air throughout a main supply line. The main supply line is mounted around the structure and/or perimeter fencing with 3/16” orifices to allow charged vapor to feed out. The ProFlo VDS produces a vapor wall to remove the odorous compounds present.

ROX-92, an odor control chemical, is fed into the vapor chamber using a metering pump for accurate dosing. Temperature and pressure are monitored at the vapor chamber to ensure proper distribution of the ROX- 92. ROX-92 absorbs nuisance odors such as; hydrogen sulfide, ammonia and mercaptans.

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