Motus iDS

Intelligent Dosing System

Designed for precision odor control

The Next Level Of Odor Control And Hydrogen Sulfide Prevention Technology

primary market(s):
  • Odor Control
common applications:
Collection System

Hydrogen Sulfide Prevention

Odor Control

Wastewater Treatment Plants
commonly used with:
Odor Control for Hydrogen Sulfide Prevention
Password Protected HMI Display With Tank Level And Dosing Amount Display

For complete control of your municipal collection system odor control

Automatic Dosing Adjusts With Flow, Rain Events, Inflow & Infiltration, And Organic Compound Changes

PLC controller runs calculations to accurately adjust feed rate

Tank Link Remote Tank Level Monitoring Compatibilities

Resulting in chemical cost savings - no unneeded chemical feed

All Internal Circuitry Protected By Circuit Breakers

And decreased chemical dosing during rain events

Motus iDS is an intelligent dosing system designed for maximum effectiveness and efficiency in wastewater odor control. Motus iDS operates by reading total organic carbon in the wastewater stream, focusing on retention time, and accurately dosing precise amounts of odor control solution to prevent hydrogen sulfide production and eliminate nuisance odors. Aulick Chemical Solutions developed Motus iDS to provide public utilities and private industry with the next level of odor control and hydrogen sulfide prevention service. Motus iDS is more than a concept. The intelligent design behind Motus iDS provides customers with cost saving opportunities as well as complete control over chemical inventory resulting in a more effective wastewater treatment/odor control process.

As the graph presented above depicts, Motus iDS does not follow only one parameter during operation. It intelligently adjusts the Nitra-Nox feed rate (silver line) by analyzing and computing wastewater ow and total organic carbon (TOC) data (orange line). As specific parameters change, the potential for increased hydrogen sulfide prevention also changes.

Motus iDS ensures optimal chemical dosing 24-hours per day.

  • Part of Aulick’s PM Program – Preventive and on-going service and maintenance performed by Aulick Systems Technicians

Motus iDS works in conjunction with Aulick’s flagship odor control chemical solution, Nitra-Nox. Nitra-Nox is an industry-leading preventive chemistry tested and proven in collection system odor control and industrial wastewater treatment for over a decade.

Nitra-Nox combines prevention and encapsulation by halting the production of dangerous hydrogen sulfide gas in your operations.

Nitra-Nox Applications:

  • municipal wastewater collection system
  • food/poultry processing
  • paper mill industry
  • rendering industry
  • automotive industry

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