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When was the last time you considered testing additional coagulants in your water treatment process?
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Now, more than ever, drinking water regulations require water systems to optimize all aspects of treatment. If treatment methods aren’t pursued in great detail, the quality of water distributed to the community can suffer.

Enhanced coagulation to increase organic removal is one strategy to optimize treatment for systems struggling with disinfection by-products.

At Aulick, we work with all types of water plant designs to optimize coagulation from conventional treatment to upflow clarifiers to active flow designs.

Drinking Water Contaminants

  • Physical: sediment, organic material (TOC)
  • Chemical: nitrogen, phosphates, bleach, disinfection by-products, saltes, pesticides, metals (lead and copper), bacteria toxins
  • Biological: bacteria, viruses, protozoan, parasites

Coagulation or charge neutralization (Pin Floc) – “like getting magnets to come together”

Aulick Coagulants (organic, inorganic, blends)


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