Zinc Removal In Metal Plating Industry – Aulick’s AulClear CFP Coagulant

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Aulick’s Industrial Specialty Chemical Consultant, Jeff Woodrow, was recently tasked with finding a chemical solution for zinc removal for a metal plating company. The company had spikes above the city zinc discharge limits of 3.5 ppm. After samples were gathered, extensive jar testing was performed on-site. 

Photo 1 (above) shows the wastewater sample before chemical addition. Sample jars appear 1-4 from left to right. 

Photo 2 (above) shows the 4 samples after AulClear CFP coagulant was added. A very good pin floc was produced. 

Photo 3 (above) – Our expertise in wastewater treatment results in excellent floc formation. Our flocculant has brought the coagulated pin floc together. This produced a fast reacting, fast settling large floc. 

Photo 4 (above) shows the 4 jar samples after settling. Samples were then pulled from each jar and tested for zinc levels by the wastewater treatment operator:

  • Jar 1 – 0.64 Zn ppm (no metal precipitant)
  • Jar 2 – 0.45 Zn ppm (lowest Zn level with Aulick metal precipitant)
  • Jar 3 – 0.65 Zn ppm
  • Jar 4 – 0.69 Zn ppm

*Aulick was able to meet discharge limits on all metals and organics. The color left behind in sample photos was from a dye in this particular application’s manufacturing process. 

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