Aulick’s Verus Blended Phosphates – Corrosion Control Success

Testimonials From Tennessee Water Plant Operators

Lower Your Disinfection By-Products
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Aulick has partnered with Water Treatment Systems in East and Middle Tennessee to successfully lower disinfection by-products and provide stability in their distribution systems. Continue reading to hear their challenges and how Aulick partnered alongside them to provide a custom solution.

“We have been using Aulick products for the past 5 years or more, and for the past 4 years we have been using Verus Blended Phosphates for our corrosion control program. We have tried numerous other corrosion control products in the past, but the Verus Blended Phosphate has been instrumental in lowering our disinfection by-products by keeping our chlorine demand lower and stable over time in our distribution system. We have had nothing but wonderful results from Aulick and the Verus Phosphate and would recommend it for your application.”

2.2 MGD Pall Membrane Plant using Verus in Middle TN

“Several years ago we changed our Poly-orthophosphate, we are now using Aulick’s Clarus solution. The change went well. After starting with about .75 ppm total we have now worked up to 1.75 ppm total, with no issues. We are seeing a cleaner system with no red water issues. Our Cl2 residuals also have been better in low usage areas and dead-end lines.”

5.0 MGD Conventional Plant using Clarus in Middle TN

“We began using Aulick Phosphates (Clarus) in January of 2018 then switched to Verus in January, 2020 for the recommended maintenance dose. We’ve had great results on our DBP testing. It seems to be working really good in our system. We’ve had no issues and would recommend it. It was a very smooth transition from Aquadene. We use the 50 lb. buckets of dry and mix with 50 gallons of water. I’m feeding from .6 to .75 ppm. We only have very minor issues with colored water when flushing our hydrants at dead end lines when we don’t meet our routine schedule of flushing.”

4.0 MGD Conventional Water System using Verus in East TN

“Our Water Treatment Plant is rated at 24 MGD capacity. We usually treat between 13-16 MGD depending on the time of year/customer demand. We switched to Verus in 2017 and have had no issues with the product or with the deliveries of product to our facility. The combined efforts of feeding corrosion control product in the finished water, the consistency of the Line Maintenance & Construction Division’s water line flushing program, and their ongoing water line replacement activities keeps our red water calls at bay.”

24 MGD Conventional Water System using Verus in East TN

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