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CITCO Water and Aulick have partnered to create synergies in clean water by forming the most robust Chemical Solutions offering in the region with an impressive team of experts, complete range of innovative products, and knowledgeable sales team to help you with all your chemical needs.

From commodity chemical solutions at competitive pricing to U.S. manufactured proprietary phosphate technology, Aulick + CITCO Water have you covered. Our robust chemical solution offerings include:

  • Municipal collection system solutions
  • Hydrogen sulfide odor & corrosion control
  • Coagulation & flocculation
  • Acids
  • Oxidizers
  • Disinfectants
  • Blended phosphate technology
  • Cationic polymer
  • Biological complexes
  • Activated carbon
  • De-chlorination

Additionally, Aulick Systems personnel excel in the design, construction, delivery, installation, set-up, and maintenance of custom chemical feed and odor control systems. From scope of work and AutoCAD files to final system design, build, and delivery, Aulick has you covered from engineered project inception to bulk odor control chemical delivery.

Odor Control Systems Include:

  • Stainless steel, tank mount
  • Feed rate based on flow
  • Remote tank monitoring
  • Force main injection capabilities
  • Odor control systems to meet engineer specs
  • Optional preventive maintenance performed by Aulick Systems personnel

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Solutions Driven.

  • Evaluation of your system
  • Identification of current needs
  • Proposal of a customized plan
  • Safety and efficiency recommendations for chemical application
  • Upgrades to pumps, instrumentation, and other equipment
  • Turn-key chemical feed systems from mini-bulk to bulk
  • Access to SMARTank Remote Tank Monitoring
  • Upgraded equipment without the initial capital cost

Commitment Given.

  • NSF Certified
  • Member of the Alliance for Chemical Distribution (ACD)
  • Emphasis on Safety & Efficiency
  • Access to CITCO Water chemical specialists ensuring highest quality water & wastewater treatment
  • Controlled pricing on our industry-leading chemical solutions
  • Discounted rates on CITCO Repair Solutions

Let's discuss your chemical needs.